I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. As a teenager I was always drawing and painting during my classes at high school and later in college. Worked as a graphic designer in Adidas and other places. Studied art in Madrid, Spain, also in Armando Reveron School, art with Carlos Galindo, Sancho and Marcos Salazar at Taller Experimental de Arte at Central University in Caracas.

Always traveling around the world, my favorite place is been always Bali, Indonesia. One day while I was there, I saw a dragon tattoo in one of the local’s leg and asked him to take me to the place where he got it done.. and that’s when all started. He took me to Alit, a tattoo artist in Denpasar and he showed me the basics for tattooing and sold me an equipment that I started using as soon as I got back to Venezuela.

My brother Alfonso was the first, and then all his friends and then I opened the first tattoo shop in Venezuela, that was in 1992, I named it Balinese Tattoo to honor Bali where I got my first tattoo machine. I haven’t stopped since.

I started going to many tattoo shows and that’s when I met Danny Fowler, a tattoo artist from Roanoke, Virginia, we became friends and he taught me many tricks and techniques about tattooing. I have won some awards for best tribal tattoo at Artistry in Ink by Tattoo Magazine and also best black and grey and best color at the Female Tattoo Expo in Orlando.

Because of my knowledge of drawing and painting after studying in Spain, I can do portraits, colors, realism, tribals, but my favorite is Polynesian and geometric style, and I’m studying its meaning and trying to understand every time more and more of this fascinating culture.

My paintings are a mix of realistic figures and portraits of interesting faces and tribals symbols that come to my mind. I paint in acrylic and oil on canvas and also like to draw with pencil on paper.

At the present time I live in Florida where I moved 15 years ago. Recently opened up again my old  shop Balinese Tattoo, now in Calle ocho , Miami, there’s other Balinese Tattoo run by my brother Alfonso in La Corunya, Spain.  I have been in many Tattoo Expos around United States and other countries.